Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations and changes must be made in writing and submitted via email to info@liv-vacations.com. Guest is responsible for confirming Liv Vacations has received cancellation letter.

You may cancel with a refund of any deposits paid, less 3% merchant processing fee, on or before 60 days prior to arrival date. Any cancellation made between 59-31 days prior to arrival will receive a refund of 50% of any deposits paid. Reservations cancelled 30 days or less prior to arrival date will receive a refund of only the cleaning fee.

No changes can be made to a reservation within 48 hours of arrival date.

Liv Vacations recommends all guests to purchase travel insurance through CSA Travel Protection at the time of booking

In the event you wish to cancel your reservation due to personal concerns over a pandemic, Liv Vacations has the following two options available for guests who want their deposits refunded:

1. Liv Vacations will refund any and all monies associated with your stay only if your reservation date occurs during a period of time expressly decreed by an executive order, ordinance, or law closing short-term rental properties from being occupied by guests.

2. Liv Vacations will not be obligated to refund your deposit if you personally decide to cancel your reservation without any interference from a governmental decree, ordinance, or law. However, Liv Vacations will review all requests for refunded deposits by its guest on a situation by situation basis. 

Check-in begins at 4pm on the day of arrival. During seasons with heavy rentals, Guest is aware check-in may be delayed up to 2 hours and will receive a $50 credit for any length of delay.

Guest will be provided with a door code 7 days prior to arrival. The door code will be valid from 4pm on the day of arrival until 10am on the day of departure. Liv Vacations cannot guarantee an early check-in. Guest may not arrive to the property earlier than the check-in time without written permission. Liv Vacations does not provide refrigeration facilities for groceries and does not provide storage for luggage. Please do not purchase groceries earlier than 3:30pm on the day of arrival with the intent of storing at the property.

Our team will set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature based on the current weather at the time of your arrival. Please only lower the temperature by 2º at a time until you reach your desired temperature in order to prevent the A/C coils from freezing. Please do not leave any doors or windows open longer than 10 minutes, and do not leave the thermostat set to “ON” (use “AUTO” instead). If a service call to an A/C repair company has to be made and the company determines the issue was caused by neglect of these instructions, you will be responsible for the cost of the service charge.

All properties are cleaned with 24 hours of every guest departure. On the day of arrival, property will be inspected; and re-cleaned if sitting vacant for excess of 14 days. Upon arrival, thoroughly inspect your rental for cleanliness and immediately report to Liv Vacations if the property is not cleaned to our standards. Liv Vacations will make every possible effort to correct any housekeeping issues as they are reported. Guest is aware if the property is not cleaned up to their standards, there will be no monetary compensation or refund given.

Guest may purchase mid-stay cleans at an additional cost, based on size of property and amount of cleaning requested.

Check-out is at 10am on the day of departure and strictly enforced. Please know you will be charged an additional $150/hour you stay past the check-out time.

Upon departure, please perform the following tasks:
• Start dishwasher (if applicable) with any dirty dishes or wash/dry any dirty dishes;
• Do not strip bedding (this must be sanitized before removal by our housekeeping staff);
• Place bath linen in a pile next to the washer and dryer (please do not leave wet laundry in the washer);
• Take all trash out and place in the outside trash receptacle;
• Adjust thermostat to 74º (summer) or 65º (winter). DO NOT leave the heater on upon departure;
• Close and lock all windows and doors.

All descriptions and online information of Property is subject to change daily. Liv Vacations cannot guarantee advertised photography is current and up to date. All properties are privately owned and decorated based on the owner’s individuality. Owners are encouraged to constantly update various aspects of their property. Therefore, furnishings are décor are subject to change.

Pet Policy
All properties have a strict no pet policy. ADA recognized Service Animals are allowed under all circumstances. However, if a Service Animal causes any damage or harm to the property, Guest agrees to cover the full expense of repairs. “Service Animals” do not include emotional support or therapy dogs.

In the event Liv Vacations discovers a pet at the property or evidence of a pet, Guest will be given a 2 hour notice of eviction. After 2 hours, Guest will be locked out of the property and will require police accompaniment to obtain any belongings left behind. Guest also agrees to pay a Pet Fee of $500 and cover the expense of any damages.

Some properties are equipped with either a propane or charcoal grill. Please confirm on the property’s listing to see whether it is provided or not. Guests are responsible for cleaning the inside and outside of grill after every use. Grills are not permitted to be moved/placed on wooden decks, unless placed there by Liv Vacations.

Internet & Cable Service
Liv Vacations and the property owner are not responsible for any cable and/or internet speed or outage. It is common for regular outages to occur at the beach. Please report this to our office and we will contact the vendor to report the problems. Guest agrees there will be no monetary compensation or refund for internet and cable outages.

Please do not leave behind any personal items on the beach. Items left on the beach after a certain time will be thrown away by the local beach services. Liv Vacations cannot be held responsible for anything lost, stolen or thrown away.

Please take all trash with you each day as you finish your time at the beach. Our area is the nesting home to many sea turtle species, so please help us keep our beaches clean for them and all other wildlife that we share the beach with.

Guest Responsibilities
Renting Guest (person who created the reservation) must be at least 25 years or older and may be asked to provide a copy of state issued ID. The Renting Guest is responsible for all payments, deposits, communication and other responsibilities outlined in this agreement.

Renting Guest will be held financially responsible for any damage done to the property beyond normal wear and tear, at the sole discretion of Liv Vacations.

Linen provided by Liv Vacations, including but not limited to bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and sheets, are excluded from accidental damages covered by your damage waiver. Please do not take these items outside of the property for use at the beach/pool; not only does sand ruin the linen, it causes irreparable damage to commercial washing machines and dryers. If you are using our linen to remove your makeup or other cosmetics, please only do so with the black wash cloth labeled “Fresh Face.” If linen is missing or requires special laundering after your departure, you will be responsible for the cost of special laundering as well as the cost to replace the items if they are not salvageable after laundering.

The occupancy restriction of each property is listed in the property’s listing. This restriction is set based on the number of sleeping arrangements and the safety of our guests, in the event they need to quickly vacate the property. Children under the age of 2 years do not count as an “occupant.”

In the event you have more than the occupancy restriction, Guest and party will be given a 2-hour notice of eviction. After 2 hours, Guest will be locked out of the property and will require police accompaniment to obtain any belongings left behind.

Parking is typically limited to one vehicle per bedroom with a maximum limit of four vehicles (regardless of number of bedrooms in property). Not all properties have the space to accommodate the above, please confirm with Liv Vacations on specific parking details for a particular property.

Please contact Liv Vacations if you’re planning on bringing any of the following: RVs, boat trailers, covered trailers or an oversized vehicle. Some communities have restrictions on RVs and trailers. If that is the case for the property rented, Guest must find alternative parking arrangements.

Payment Policies
At the time of booking, Guest will be required to pay 50% of the total booking amount. 35 days prior to arrival, the remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file. If the credit card is declined when processing the second payment, Guest will be provided a 5 day grace period to update their payment information. If the remaining payment cannot be secured 26 days prior to arrival, reservation will be deemed cancelable and Guest will receive no refund.

Taxes and Fees
Guest agrees to pay taxes and fees at the time of booking, included in the total price. The current tax rate in Walton County, FL is 12%; Bay County, FL is 13.12%. Included in the Administrative Fee, charged at the time of booking, is a company funded Damage Waiver. This Damage Waiver is non-refundable and can cover up to $1,200 of accidental damage to the property. The damage must be reported via email by the Guest prior to their departure. Guest will be financially responsible for any damages exceeding the $1,200 coverage and/or any damages not considered “accidental.”